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Interior Stone Veneer

Stonepark Inc. provides high quality interior stone veneers throughout Toronto.

Premium Quality Stone Veneers For Interiors

Stonepark Inc. manufactures and distributes premium quality stone veneers for all types of interior applications. We offer a wide range of matching color options and our artificial stones can be customized in any color that you’d like.

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Customized artificial stones

Interior Stone Veneer Toronto
Interior Stone Veneer Toronto

Custom-Made Stone Veneers

Stonepark Inc. is the name to remember when it comes to ordering your custom-made stone veneers. We use top-notch molds and safe chemicals during all manufacturing processes. We promise that you will be completely satisfied with your ordered products as our team ensures that all your requirements are met.

Top-notch molds and safe chemicals used

Our stone veneers:

  • Look like natural stones
  • Available in many colors
  • Elegant and stylish
  • Long-lasting

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Custom colors and stone blends available upon request

Square foot coverage is based on installation with a mortar joint.

Actual stone colors and shades may vary slightly from pictures in brochure.

We suggest looking at a sample before making a final selection